Thoughts of a Young Med Student – Innocence


A year or so ago, someone clicked the like icon on one of my posts. And, I went to their blog and found likes on theirs as well.  Yet, followed their likes and found this one.

I liked and kept it for so long.

I think it is time to share.

Hoping someone likes it…

Thoughts of a Med Student – INNOCENCE


I was at church the other day when an excited Cousin came to me, he had just learnt the sex of his soon to be born child “I’m having a girl” he said.

Then he told me of the many baby kicking, and all the things they would be doing together, all the things he’ll tell her.

Then I started thinking of a poem to write.

(Disclaimer: the things in the poem are not the things he intends to tell her and are not related in anyway).

Please, don’t tell her she’ll fall
Trying to walk.
Don’t say, there’ll be a fever
And a headache, she wouldn’t like.

Please, don’t tell her she’ll be the reason
You’d work from dawn to dusk
Don’t say, she’ll soil the floor
Or ruin some appliances.

Please, don’t tell her, she’ll be sent
To that huge structure they’ve called a school
Don’t say she’ll learn alphabets
And many objects
And that she’ll be spanked when she failed to write right.

Please, don’t tell her she’ll bend her shoulders
In a bid to hide that huge protruding chest structure
Don’t tell her, she’ll bleed
And every month, would be caused to lie in pain.

Please, don’t tell her, she’ll have to live alone,
Oh, maybe not alone,
With some characters she can’t stand.
You may want to say it will be cool,
It is the biggest institution ever,
You think you should tell her? Don’t!

Please, don’t tell her you’ll pull your ears
Till they almost hurt,
And warn her of a virtue she must guard
With high walls and tight chains
And later she’ll fight to guard that virtue,
Would she fail? Maybe, Maybe not.

Please, don’t tell her, one day your conversation would change,
To “When are you getting married”
And if there was another thing to be said
It would be about wearing the perfect clothes,
Perfect for the men.

Please, don’t tell her, He’ll say “I Love you”
Or He’ll say “Marry me!”
And you’d ask
What is His religion?
What is His tribe?
And she’ll wonder if these things
Were all that ever mattered.

Please, don’t tell her, she’ll be fat for 40 weeks
Don’t tell her they’ll run around till her head hurts
Don’t tell her they’ll make her sick
Don’t tell her, He’ll make her sad.

You ask me, “why shouldn’t she know?”
It’s a long time ahead to learn for herself.
“What should I tell her?” you ask again
Look at those eyes that hold no worries
Those hands that have done no wrong.

Hold her in your arms
Watch her smile
And smile back
Cos even though, that would be her life
You’ll always love her, so let her know.
“I Love You”, is all you need to say.

P.S: this is going to be another one of my long P.S.



Original Blogger, kelia.deesse, wrote

Woke up to this notification. This is a great way to start my day.

Thank you so much, I am glad you liked it

2 thoughts on “Thoughts of a Young Med Student – Innocence

    • Kelia.Deese:

      Sorry to steal your material. But, to me it was so powerful and yet easily relatable.

      We all have memory jars filled with stories brought about by simple and caring cousins.

      Lives interwoven,


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