Dell – Optiplex – GX270 on MS Windows 2003 – Video Driver


Unfortunately, still rebuilding the crashed Dell Optiplex GX 270.

It had MS Windows 2003 on it and so went in and installed that OS on it.

Video Driver

But, it is so obvious that I have the generic video\display driver on it.

Attempted to get Driver from Dell’s Support Site

Visited to get a driver.  Had a choice between:

  • Entering a Service Tag
  • Entering an Express Service Tag
  • Detecting the Product

Chose to enter the Tag.

But, ended up @


From the screen above, it is obvious that Dell does not support the installation of the MS Windows 2003 on this model.

System Configuration

Let us determine which devices are bundled are bundled with this computer

But, unfortunately the Components listed were all generic, nothing exact.


Download Driver from Dell Support Site

Based on Google Search downloaded R126990.EXE

Extracted Folder and Files

Here are the contents of the driver.exe



And, here is what we in Version.txt

Title      : Video:Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller Driver
Version    : A10
OEM Name   : Intel
OEM Ver    :
Computers  : OptiPlex - GX260
OS         : Windows XP
Languages  : Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese-S, Chinese-T, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish
Created    : Thu May 25 08:55:59 CDT 2006


  • The Version Number is
  • The file date is 2006-05-25


During installation received message stating driver has not passed Window Logo testing warning..


Chose to continue.

Asked whether to restart now or later.

Chose to restart.


Upon restart, the display looks much more better.

Accessed Control Panel \ Display and validated our driver’s version; it is

BTW, the release date of the Driver is dated 3/23/2006.



The drivers are also available from Intel.

To get them you need to know the model number for the Driver Card and the target OS.

In our case the model number identified by MS Windows through the Device Manager is Intel 82865G.  Unfortunately, we do not have an MS Windows 2003 specific driver and so will revert to the closest match.

MS Windows 2003 was released in 2003 and the complementary desktop is MS Windows XP.

MS Windows Server – 2003
It is based on MS Windows XP, basically becoming an enhanced version of XP

Here is the OS Specific view from Intel’s web site.


Download Type

If you click on the Download type drop-down, you can filter the list more, by asking for Drivers and excluding “Software Archives”.


Our choice is a bit clearer, we can either get the executable or the archive (zip) file.

Btw, the latest version ( v14.17 ) was released in 10/16/2007.

The one prior ( v14.16)   to that was released on 9/9/2005.

Install Attempt

Upon trying to install the version available on Intel’s web site, got a Question stating that the version currently installed is and it is a bit newer than the one we are trying to install


Opted out.


Crediting the ITBros


  1. How to install Windows 7 VGA Driver on Dell GX270
  2. Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller, v., A10
  3. Optiplex – GX270 – Optimize your system with drivers and updates

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