Canon – LIDE210 – Scanned Document Cropped / Multiple Pages


Sometimes early last year I purchased a Canon LIDE 210.

It gets very low usage.

And, so every time I need to use it, it feels new.


How did we get here?

Scanner Device Driver

The scanner is close to a plug and play device.

Unfortunately, my MS Windows 7 Computer did not recognize it.

And, so went online and downloaded a driver for it.

The driver is available


Installed Driver

The driver installation went smoothly.


Scanning Software

Windows Fax and Scan

Using the “Windows Fax and Scan” application that is bundled with Windows 7.

Initial window

The application is quite easy to use, once started we have a fairly intuitive window.



New Scan button

W clicked the “New Scan” icon and that page appears:



Preview & Scan

The “Preview” button does the work of getting us our first draft.

Here is what we received once we chose the Scan option.



The single document came in as two pages.



  1. Click on New Scan
  2. In the New Scan window
    • On the “Profile” drop-down, change from “Photo (Default)” to “Documents”
    • Click on the “Preview” button
    • Satisfied that no cropping and everything looks to be in one piece, clicked on the Scan button






Back to our main window, we have our document list:



Quick Explanation:

  • Initially, when our Profile was set as Photo, the application used some AI and thought that we had two individual photographs on a single page
    • From the list above, we can see two documents that have consecutive date-stamp – 8/5/2015 3:18:34 PM and 8/5/2015 3:18:50 PM
  • Now that we have correctly specified that our input is a document and not a photo, no more hard work on the part of the scanning engine
    • It prepared a single file dated 8/5/2015 3:34:44 PM

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