Kaspersky – Rescue CD – Stuck at “Creating Swap file”


Having a slow PC day on one of the servers in our LAB.  Unfortunately, it is a left over MS Windows 2003 Server.

And, so I am thinking it could honestly be anything; including viruses.

Kaspersky Rescue-CD

Brought out my old and very reliable Kaspersky Rescue CD.

Boot Into

Rebooted the computer, as it is a Dell, clicked F-12 to access the “Boot into” menu.

Chose CD Room.

Clicked on a few other options to ensure that I will actually boot into the Rescue CD.


But, as happens, more so lately, I am stuck again..


Creating Swap file



Clear Storage

Linus – X File Manager

Via the Linux File Manager, X File Manager, that comes with the Rescue Cd, accessed each MS Windows Drive and removed obvious clutter.

Btw, the underlying MS Windows folders are under the root\discs and are labelled C:, D:, E: based on the drives.


Microsoft – MS Windows – File Explorer

Shutdown the Rescue CD, booted into Windows, and cleared more file clutter.

Same Error

Same error “Creating Swap file“.

I love Lionel, but I am not rich.

And, so time is money.

What is running?


The bottom right panel of the screen has an indicator that shows high CPU Usage.

From that gauge, accessed the “Process Status” application.


Quick Explanation:

  • We can see that the application responsible for creating the swap file is beating up our machine
  • The name of the application is ntfs-3g

Terminal Mode

Note that we can also get tabulate the most expensive applications via accessing the Terminal mode, and running top.

Abruptly Terminate “Swap File Creator” process

Launched a terminal window.

Noted that the process ID for the process that is creating the swapfile is 16201.

And, so issued:


   kill [process-id]


    kill 16201

On to the Next One

The next step, post Swap file creation, kicks in.

That next step is the Network Configuration.


The Network Configuration is very important.

  1. It gets you back online
    • You really do need to be online to download latest security updates.  Please make sure you download these updates before running a virus check
    • You also have access to Google, blogs, and emails
  2. Unfortunately, the browser that is bundled is a bit dated and all the major email providers will complain.  Thankfully, Google will allow you access to a leaner HTML email reader

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