Outlook – Add In – Exception – Add-In Conflicts and that “Conscious Uncoupling” thing


One of our users in the Far East is experiencing all kinds of warts using Outlook to book meetings.

Error Message


CondecoAddinV5 has fired an exception.  Click the ‘Details” button to see the detailed information about the error.



Other errors popped up:

Such as “File Download – Security Warning”.



In our case, we had a plethora of Outlook Add-Ins and they were not playing nice with each other.

Here is the list of Add-Ins:


Click the Go button ( to the right of COM Add-ins )


Uncheck “Microsoft Outlook Social Connector”.

ComAddIns (After)

And, that fixed it.


Goto File->Options->Add-Ins, at the right bottom of the screen, you will see Manage -> COM Add-ins, click on Go, from the list of options uncheck this option: ‘Microsoft Outlook Social Connector’, click on OK. Restart Outlook and see if it fixes the issue” — Manoj Agarwal


Listening to Mike & The Mechanics – The living Years ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGDA0Hecw1k ).

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