SQL Server Reporting Services – Globals!ReportServerURL returning http://localhost


We will like a bit more flexibility in our Reporting Services Dashboard.

As such to avoid hardcoding links to child reports, we are trying to programmatically inquire for the current Report Server URL.


Global Variable

As always in the Microsoft world, there is a way to do so:

We simply access one of the Global Variables.  The name of the Global variable, in this case, is Globals!ReportServerUrl


Use Case Scenario

So in our Text box / Action, we specify :

  1. Enables an action :- Go To URL
  2. URL :- ( And here is the code we have for our URL ):


Here is the code :

="javascript:void(window.open('" + Globals!ReportServerUrl + Microsoft.VisualBasic.Strings.ltrim(Fields!url.Value) + "','_blank'))"


Error Message

No earth shattering error message, but no go!

The child reports  do not come up as the system prefixes them with http://localhost and not the actual SQL Instance URL.



Access the instance instance specific rsreportserver.config file.

The relative folder path and file name is ReportingServices\Reportserver\rsreportserver.config


Here is the original entry



And, here is the revised:



So our problem is that somehow our ReportServerURL was empty, and the system was defaulting to localhost.


Other Interesting parameters

You also should keep an eye on a couple of other set of URLs.

Those are:

  1. URLReservations\Application\ReportServerWebService\URL
  2. URLReservations\Application\ReportServerManager\URL



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