Outlook – Add In Options – Error Message – “The end date you entered occurs before the start date”


Back pulling down Remedy Tickets and found a nice and easy one.

Error Message


The end date you entered occurs before the start date.



What Happened?

I am thinking to myself, I did  not enter any dates.  All I did was:

  1. Launched Outlook
  2. Via Outlook menu, access File \ Options
  3. The Outlook Options window appears
  4. In the “Outlook Options” window
    • From the left panel, click the “Add-Ins” option
    • On the right panel, click the “Add-In Options” button


  1. Accessed Control Panel, date and time applet
  2. Changed time zone to something else
    • Click the “Change time zone” button
    • Choose a new Timezone
  3. Exit Outlook and restart
    • Make sure things work
  4. Revert time zone to your actual time zone

Screen Shots

Control Panel \ Date and Time



Btw, before making changes you might want to take a backup of the registry branch that covers TimeZone Information.

The registry branch is :HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation



Why the error message “The end date you entered occurs before the start date” in the first place?

Well in some cases the MS Windows Registry section for timezones get corrupted.  Corruption might be data or permission related.

One of the more surer ways to fix is to change the current timezone to something else, check outlook, and revert back to what it should be.

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