Zac Hicks On “God Inhabits the praise of his people”


Early this week, I listened in on one of Pastor Jim Cymbala’s sermons.

Pastor Jim used the phrase “God inhabits the praise of his people“.

I wanted to cross reference the phrase and so I googled it.

Zac Hicks

And, as often happens these days, someone else Googled on same and chose to consolidate existing thoughts or dig deeper for new meanings.

Zac is one of those people and here he writes and later speaks about it.

  • Is God Inhabits the praise of his people really biblical ( Jan 24, 2012)
  • Zac Hicks :- “The Worship Pastor: A New (Old) Model for Worship Leaders”
    • YouTube
      • Video #1
        • Link
          Published On: – 2013-Oct-23rd
          Removed On:- 2019-April-17th
  • Sola – Zac Hicks + Cherry Creek Worship
    • Link
      • Published On:- 2011-Sept-18th


  • Modern Society
    • Things been so pragmatic and about now.
    • Pressure of postmodernity that says we live in a world that is broken and fragmented.  A world that is without meta narrative, no stories
  • Read Bryan Chapell’s “Christ-Centered Worship
    • Christ-Centered Worship by Bryan Chapell
  • “Old Hymn, New Music” & “New Hymn”
    • Every generation has grabbed hymns and used it for their generation
    • Grabbing hymns from different eras
    • And, re-imagining them for their generation
    • Regiving hymns to the church in the musical idiom based on personal conviction
    • Bands doing so includes “Indelible grace” and “Red Mountain Church”
  • Information Proliferation and “Free Sourcing”
    • Is there a Convergent track between traditional musician and pastoral education?
    • People who want to love local Churches but do not have an MDIV ( Master of Divinity )
  • Pastor and Worship Leader Relationship
    • Worship leaders should cultivate acts of submissiveness
    • Relational Candor / Relational Trust
    • Cover a multiple of sins

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