Memory Upgrade on Fujitsu A6025 went awry


This has been going on since Memory Day weekend.  My cousin called me to see about adding some memory to his Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A6025 Notebook PC.


Whenever he boots the computer with the new memory sticks installed, the computer boots up and goes through the BIOS, but Microsoft Vista is in Neverland.


Here is a description of what was shipped by the Vendor:
Upgrade For a fujitsu-siemens  lifetime A6025
System 2 – 2GB 200 PIN SODIMM 256MX64 DDR2

Memory Chip Listing Deciphered


First was is 256MX64?

The key point is 64 bits bus


What is our MS Windows OS

Placed the old chips back in and let us determine the bitness?

Access “System Information” via “Accessories” \ “System Tools” \ System Information

Here is the System Information:



Quick Points

  • The System Type is X86-based PC

And, so we know that we are running a 32-bit OS.


What type of CPU ?


Access Fijitsu web site :


And, here is machine’s key specs:




Accessed Intel’s web site to determine the bitness\Instruction set for the T2450:

Intel® Core™ Duo Processor T2450 – (2M Cache, 2.00 GHz, 533 MHz FSB)





May be it is just me, but though the two vendors’ insists, I just don’t see how a 64-bit memory chip will work with a machine that has a 32-bit bus.



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