TFS – Client – Remap Workspace


Messed up my computer while trying to free up space and now my favored TFS hooks are no longer showing up in Windows Explorer.


So here I am, so mad at myself for removing files and folders, I had no business removing.

Wish I could blame it on Maniac Monday, but it happened very early Tuesday morning.

Error Message

Made a fool of myself, looking for a quick fix.

Here are some of the errors, I was getting.

Already Exists


The workspace app; DBLAB\dadeniji already exists on computer compdan.



Already in use


The workspace [workspace]; [username] already exists on computer [computer-name]




So collected myself and addressed it the better way:

  • Using MS Windows Programs and Features, repaired TFS Client related applications
    • Team Explorer for Visual Studio 2013
    • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013 Power Tools – Update 2
  • Issued TFS Client tf “tf workspaces /format:detailed” to concisely identify my workspaces and corresponding folders
  • Issued TFS Client tf “tf workspace -new [workspace] -collection [tfs-web]” to remap workspace

Repaired Applications


Identify Workspaces and Folders

   cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE"
   tf workspaces /format:detailed /server: 



Workspace : DB
Owner : DBLAB\dadeniji
Computer : compdaniel
Comment :
Collection :\Collection
Permissions: Public
Location : Server
File Time : Current

Working folders:
$/: C:\Personal\DanielAdeniji\Work\tfslab\Projects\myapp\Code\Database


Remap Workspace

tf.exe workspace -new DB -collection:


Listening to 2 of my homies.  Wale is DC. And, J cole is Fayetteville, NC.

But, everytime I call home, my fam reminds me.

Wale – The Pessimist (feat. J. Cole)

Somehow, no matter what, Kanye’s lyrics on Homecoming is some of the most introspective ever.

HomeComing Lyrics

 Like the nice, sweet Diabetics, Heart clogging pretzels, they sell at the mall these days, no matter how you twist it, you can still relate.

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