SQL Server – BulkCopy (Bcp) – Error – Unexpected EOF encountered in BCP data-file


Having problems copying data using bulkcopy.

Error Message

bcp dbo.tblThirdPartyRooms in C:\Users\daniel\AppDdbo.tblThirdPartyRooms_v1.data -E -T -c -b20000 -S.\SQLEXPRESS_V2014 

Starting copy... SQLState = HY000, NativeError = 0
Error = [Microsoft][SQL Native Client]Unexpected EOF encountered in BCP data-file 0 rows copied.
Network packet size (bytes): 4096 Clock Time (ms.) Total : 15

What is the problem?

Let us make sure that structurally the tables are the same.

To do so, we can try using tablediff




Item Explanation Sample
 Binary  Application Name  C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\120\COM\tablediff.exe
 -sourceServer  Source Server  SeattleDB
 -sourcedatabase  Source Database  Hotel
 -sourceschema  Source Schema  dbo
 -sourcetable  Source Table  tblThirdPartyRoomMapping
 -f Name of SQL file that will bring destination database object inline with source object %temp%\alignSQL.sql
 -o  BCP Output file %temp% \bcpOutput.txt
 -q  Quick Row Count a) Do not list individual record differences
b) Quicker






	set TABLEDIFF_BIN="C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\120\COM\tablediff.exe"
	set fixSQLFile=%TEMP%\alignSQL.sql
	set BCPOutputFile=%TEMP%\BCPOutput.txt

	rem Source
	set ss=SeattleDB
	set sd=Hotel
	set ss2=dbo
	set st=tblThirdPartyRoomMapping

	rem Destination
	set ds=.\SQLEXPRESS_V2014
	set dd=Hotel
	set ds2=dbo
	set dt=tblThirdPartyRoomMapping

	rem Misc Options
	set miscOptions=-f %fixSQLFile% -o %BCPOutputFile% -q 

        rem reset ERRORLEVEL FLAG
        verify >nul
	%TABLEDIFF_BIN% -sourceServer %ss% -sourcedatabase %sd% -sourceschema %ss2% -sourcetable %st% ^
     	-destinationserver %ds% -destinationdatabase %dd% -destinationschema %ds2% -destinationtable %dt% ^

       rem display errorlevel
       echo ErrorLevel is %ErrorLevel%


Here is our run output …

Error Level:


And, here is what we discovered upon inspecting our BCPOutput.txt file.


Quick Explanation:

  • We were able to connect to both servers
  • As we expected, we have data in the Source Database, but not in the Destination database
  • We were hoping that we will find schema differences, but none showed up


Compare BCP Out to BCP Input Command

Went back and reviewed our BCP Commands

BCP Output

bcp Hotel.dbo.[tblThirdPartyRoomMapping] out %TEMP%\dbo.tblThirdPartyRoomMapping_v1.data  -t"||" -T -c -S%DBSourceServer%


BCP Input

bcp %DBTargetDB%.dbo.tblThirdPartyRoomMapping in %TEMP%\dbo.tblThirdPartyRoomMapping_v1.data -E -T -c -b%BATCH_SIZE% -S%DBTargetServer%

Upon a more careful comparison of the BCP Export and Import statements, now noticed that we have a column delimeter in the export, but we missed it on the input.

BCP Input (Corrected)

rem please notice the -t"||" -- adding delimeter
bcp %DBTargetDB%.dbo.tblThirdPartyRoomMapping in %TEMP%\dbo.tblThirdPartyRoomMapping_v1.data  -t"||" -E -T -c -b%BATCH_SIZE% -S%DBTargetServer%


Once again, this is just a stupid error on my part.

Wrote it up as the initial hits that came up via Google, were a bit muddled.

I suppose no one makes mistakes like this.

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