Microsoft – Outlook – Inactive Application Add-Ins


My manager is out on vacation and so I find myself free loafing once again.

Rather than doing my assigned work, I am busy raiding our Support Desk Ticketing System for problem calls.



The ones that catches my fancy are a couple of Microsoft Outlook Add-In ones.

Quite a few Inactive Add-Ins:



One of them is about one of our 3rd Party Add-Ins not being loaded because of security concerns.

The specific error message is “Not loaded. Certificate of signed and load at startup Com Add-In is not trusted source List.”




Trouble Shooting

Checked everywhere for the root cause.

  • Checked the referenced DLLs to see if it is signed
    • If so, wanted to add the Certificate Authority to trusted CA list
  • Outlook \ Trust Center \ Trusted Publishers
    • From Outlook, reviewed my list of Trusted Publishers

But, nothing obvious.



The problem ended up being a bit of hyper sensitive setting for Macros.

To see if it yours:

  • Launch Outlook
  • Access menu items File \ Options
  • In the “Outlook Options” window
    • On the left panel, access “Trust Center”
    • On the right panel, access “Trust Center Settings”
    • In “Trust Center”
      • On the left panel, access “Macro Settings”
      • In the “Add-Ins” panel, we found that he is gated for “Apply macro security settings to installed add-ins”
      • To fix, uncheck that setting







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