Reporting Services – Reports – Designer – Adding Group Summary


Lately, I have been working on putting together a set of Utilization Reports.  Having not worked in Microsoft Reporting Services for a while, I am getting frustrated at my rust.  Things that would have been easy to do in years gone by are not nearly as intuitive and I am stumbling badly.

So for the sake of mine, let us go over how to add Group Summary Totals.


Report Designer

Original Detail Reports

Here is the Original Detail report:





Detail Reports (with group summary)

Let us add Group summary based on Transaction Type:

  • Access Report Designer
    • Access the Detail Row
      • Right click on selected Detail Row
      • From drop-down, click on “Add Group”
      • In the Row-Group drop-down, select “Parent Group …”
      • In the Tablix group window
        • Indicate the “Group By” indicate the column we are grouping by; in our case “transactionType”
        • Place a check-mark besides the “Add Group footer”
    • Once the steps detailed above are completed, the “Group Footer” will have been added
    • Access the Group Footer band, specifically the amount cell
      • Right click on the cell
      • From the drop-down menu, select the “Expression” entry
      • In the expression enter “=Sum(Fields!amount.Value)
      • Click OK to exit the dialog
    • Clean-up
      • Let us remove extraneous columns
        • Let us remove the columns such as our group-by columns that are no longer valid in their original location
          • We can remove them or simply hide them; in our case will simply hide them
        • We will also columns that are not quite meaningful or relevant for our purpose
          • i.e. ID
    • Repeating Values
      • As we ended up with some repeating values, let us take care of some of those, as well
        • On each such entry in the detail row, access the text-box
        • Access the properties and select the HideDuplicates property
        • In the HideDuplicates value select the dataset; in our case Dataset1





Adding Parent Group



Tablix Group:



Tablix Group – Group Detail Added:



Tablix Group – Group Detail – Enter Amount



Expression – Sum Columns




Detail – Transaction Type – Sumary Amount Added




Report Designer – HideDuplicates



Transactions with Group Totals – Cleaned-up




Dedicated to a young Tevin Campbell; as we all were young once and believed ….



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