WordPress – Spam – Comments – Filtering


Every few days I receive a couple of Spam Comments posted by another site.

If you are like me, you might get tired trying to determine whether the comment is relevant and how closely aligned you will like the 3rd party site with yours.


Setting up Comment Filter

Here are some steps towards having WordPress filter comments:

  • Login to WordPress
  • Click on the “My Sites” icon at the top of your page
  • In the “Configuration” section, click on Settings
  • Click on “Discussion”
  • In the “Other Comment Settings” panel
    • Consider enabling “Users must be registered and logged in to comment
  • In the “Before a comment appears” panel
    • Consider enabling “Comment must be manually approved”
    • Consider enabling “Comment author must have a previously approved comment
  • In the “Comment Blacklist” panel
    • List each Spam identifying tag
  • Save the changes


Screen Shots

My Sites



My Sites – Configuration – Settings




My Sites – Configuration – Settings – Discussion



” Other Comment settings” panel




“Before a comment appears” panel



Comment Blacklist






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