Deniece Williams – Song – Mercy Said No


As I have hinted, lately,  I have spent a bit of time catching up on Apologetic.

I also took a detour into Chris Putnam, co-author of “Prophecy of the Popes“.



Chris Putnam

I like Chris Putnam’s frankness and his openness in sharing that he had quite a bit of trepidation in sourcing the work of Saint Malachi.

Can not take the time to look for the actual quote, but something to the effect that “as a recent graduate of Theology, he wondered that could bringing the work of St. Malachi into the open, banish him to the wilderness”.


Derek Prince

Chris Putnam led me to watching Derek Prince’s video on YouTube.  Derek Prince is noted for his work in Spiritual Healing.


Deniece Williams

And, that is how I ended up watching Deniece Williams video; has part of a much broader work by other faith healers. As I have yet to properly vet that much larger work, I am unable to credit here.



Again because of lack of time for proper vetting, I kept the work and accompanying videos private.  But, somehow someone found it on YouTube.  And, he commented on it.

And, so in the interest that others might be touched, I am sharing now and here.

Deniece Williams – Mercy Said No

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