What version of SharePoint are you using?


We all know it pays to have Administrator or Console access to Microsoft Server Applications i.e. SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, etc.

Among other things, with Server Access we can quickly determine the version number,  which service packs are installed, and in general how the Application is configured.


SharePoint Version?

We are using SharePoint to keep documents, images, and tabular data.  As our needs evolve from end-user to development, I wanted to quickly determine the version number of the SharePoint Server itself.

What to do, well here is our path for now:

  • Go to the list in question
  • Access the list’s HTML source.  In I.E., click on the menu items “View” \ “Source”
  • We reviewed the Page’s HTML Source
  • And, found an interesting pointer – webUIVersion:4
  • Took to the Net to find an anchor for WebUIVersion:4


WebUIVersion -> SharePoint Version

Here is what our web search uncovers ….


WebUIVersion SharePoint Version
3  SharePoint 2007
4  SharePoint 2010
 15  SharePoint 2013





All Versions

Server Console


HTML/Java Script


SharePoint 2013


SharePoint 2010


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