Rabbi Michael Skobac


I have a keen interest in Apologetic.  That interest was seeded by Ravi Zacharias & Michael Ramsden at RZIM.

And, aided by others such as J.P. Moreland @ Biola University.

Ravi Zacharias

Ravi Zacharias can make anything sound good, plausible, and easy to understand and follow.


Michael Ramsden

Michael Ramsden, can as well.  And, there are so many things that I have learnt from him.  The in-exhaustible list includes:

Reason for apologetic

  • Most people when asked why are you a Christian will invariable end up digging into the Christian experience itself.  That is, the actual experiences that led them to Christianity.   He hypothesis that if the reasons are slanted towards mostly experiential, the deductive reasons might be lost



Jonathan Kahn

In the last few weeks, again, spurred by YouTube related videos I am starting to get more data on the reasoning behind Judaism.

As I mentioned in a previous posting, I was researching Jonathan Kahn, a Christian apologetic, and author of the “Harbinger” and “Mystery of Shemittah“.

As I do not know what a Shemittah means, courtesy of  Google, I took a crash course:



Dave Mosher posted a blog entry at https://davemosher.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/heretical-harbinger-author-jonathan-cahn-who-is-he-and-what-does-he-really-believe/.  And, he commented that:

“Thanks for all the great, detailed info, Dennis. I would tend to agree with much of the info you cited. A fellow I like that warned America is the late David Wilkerson – although many criticized him. Note – unlike Jonathan Cahn, Bro. Wilkerson stated specifically that he was not a prophet – although he did say in essence the Lord laid messages on his heart to prophecy… I just think Bro. Wilkerson was more biblically sound (and frankly more humble) than Cahn”

So I will say anyone who is looking a bit into Apologetic should be a bit prepared for labored lawyerly argument and occasional snippy remarks.

Judaism Apologetic

Rabbi Michael Skobac

I have learnt more about the Old Testament from Chuck Missler than anyone else.

This guy, Rabbi Michael Skobac, has a very good understanding of the Torah.

Here are some of what Skobac gladly shares:


Title Link Synopsis
DANIEL 9 -TRUTH of DANIEL’s 70 WEEK Prophecy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAVvbB1Zgeo Session #8 of 12. Many Christians mistakenly believe that Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of Daniel 9: 24-27, which they claim prophesies that the Jewish Messiah had to be killed before the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 C.E. Rabbi Michael Skobac sheds light on the truth of this controversial passage and clearly explains how the Christian interpretation is incorrect and is based on mis-translations and miscalculations. This video is part # 8 of a 12-part lecture series entitled the “Counter-Missionary Survival Seminar”. Questions should be
SATAN – The BIBLE’s TRUE LESSON ABOUT the DEVIL   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGNAOZTXkac  Session #10A of 12. The Jewish and Christian concepts of Satan are extreme opposites. Why does Christianity’s Devil dominate the New Testament, while you hardly ever read of Satan in the Tenach (Old Testament)? Are these two versions of Satan even the same individual? This video is part #10A of a 12-part lecture series entitled the “Counter-Missionary Survival Seminar”.






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