Microsoft – SharePoint – List of uploaded documents



This simple little code has been bugging me for a while.

I have a set of web pages that contains documents and I need to programmatically get the list of images available via hyperlink.



Thanks to our web friends, here is as far as we got:

$url = ""

$r = Invoke-WebRequest -URI $url -UseDefaultCredentials

$r.Links |
	  where {$_.href -like '*jpg*'} |
		select outertext



I will fess up and say I sampled Good Kid Rapper, … don’t kill my vibe.  But, it is not kid friendly. And, so went YouTube fishing and searched for “Christian Music 2014” and found a new group:

Switchfoot — Love Alone Is Worth The Fight





References – Powershell – Invoke-WebRequest


References – Powershell – Operators

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