Microsoft .Net – Open Source & Cross Platform


Just about each new day in front of a computer, I start off reading emails and getting a summarized read on  the days happenings via Google News ( ).

What caught my eye this morning is news that finally Microsoft is open sourcing and will also make .Net cross platform.  Yes, you will now be able to run your “Hello World” written in .Net on  any platform , Mac & Linux included.

Please read more here  “A milestone moment for Microsoft: .NET is now an open-source project ( by  Jonathan Vanian )” –

Understandably Redmond haters will find something to hate about it.  And, it will take years for things to run stable everywhere.  Look how many years it is taking Java, Java Script, and HTML.

The train might have already left the tarmac, but I think this is still a significant contribution to the IT World as a whole.

The reasons are numerous, and includes:

  • In time, those who have made investments in products built using .Net will be to use those products in other platforms
  • Linux
    • In the evolving world of the cloud, system engineers will have quicker ramp up time per using the cheapest OS, Linux, to host and run .Net apps
    • Like its sibling in Cupertino, Redmond will potentially have access to the best coming out of Open Source (Linux, Hadoop, Apache)
    • IBM, the grandfather, long ago standardized on Linux somewhat to the detriment of its own AIX
    • Oracle DB same with “Unbeakable Linux” on x86 computers; Yes, Solaris on traditional Unix boxes
  • Microsoft might be better positioned for Internet of Things ( Android, etc )

What is next Power-Shell, the best scripting tool, will run on Cent-OS?  SQL Server will run on Linux?

With time this move might cannibalize Microsoft Servers sales, but it seems Microsoft’s is betting on developers “enablement“.



As Microsoft has been saying for a while now, “Cloud First rather than Windows Server first“.

Here is a good and dated Anders Hejlsberg’s quote :

“We’re saying that our industry advances by its flexibility”.








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