The Evolution of Altruism by Oren Harman


The Evolution of Altruism

  • TEDxTalpiot – Oren Harman – The Evolution of Altruism



  • Where Kindness comes from
    • God creating
    • Role of reason
  • Inheritance vs construction
  • Scientific Problem
    • Darwinism
      • Every act is based on self interest
      • Natural Selection
  • Biology
    • Social Insects
      • Termites – No Reproduction
      • Honey bee
    • Amoeba
    • Gazelle
      • Stotting behavior – when confronted by lions drawing fire
    • Baboons
      • Cleaning each other
  • Psychology
    • Nepotism
      • Formalized by Bill Hamilton
      • Gene survival among relatives
      • Gene does nor care, as long as it propagates it self
      • And, so among brothers, sisters, and cousins it has the best chance
    • Reciprocation
      • Robert Trivers
    • Group Selection
      • William Mo
  • George Price
    • Self interest in disguise
    • Evangelical Christian
    • Human Spirit
      • Indeed, the spirit can transcend what nature can produce
    • Could not answer the question of Selflessness vs Self Interest
  • David Hume – Naturalist fallacy
    • Category Confusion
      • What is VERSUS What ought to be
    • Original Confusion
      • Because we understand the origin of something, does it mean we understand that something
  • Summary
    • Aristotle
      • The love we feel for others is part of the love we feel for ourselves
    • Ludwig Wittgenstein
      • Even when all the possible scientific questions have been answered, the problems of life remain completely untouched





George Price

  • Altruistic equations that killed a good man

Robert Trivers

  • Robert Trivers


Handicap Principle

  • Handicap Principle


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