Microsoft – SQL Server – Profiler – Database [dbname] cannot be opened because it is offline


For some odd reason, I ended up in Microsoft SQL Server Profiler land looking at session traces.

Database cannot be opened

As I dug deeper, I noticed quite a few repeating entries bearing:

Database 'DBLabInMemory' cannot be opened because it is marked offline.



Got me thinking where is the error coming from?

  • Another Application on my machine
  • SQL Server Agent
  • Internet Parlance

I tried everything:

  • Using “SQL Server Configured Manager”, disabled TCP/IP Network Protocol for the SQL Instance
  • Using Services Management Console, determined that SQL Sever Agent is not enabled to run
  • Using MS Network Monitor, captured network traffic – No 1433
  • Using Netstat.exe, captured and analyzed network traffic
  • Reviewed SQL Server Error Log – Knowing that Microsoft has done a very good job writing much more detailed connectivity errors into its errorlog

Nada.  Nothing lined up.


Create a new database

Created a new database unknown to the world and no other application

create database [DBOffline];

alter database [DBOffline] set offline;

Monitor SQL Server Profiler

Monitor SQL Server Profiler and see if same issue occurs for this new database.

DatabaseCannotBeOpened - DB Name - DBOffline

And, yes it does.


Column Interpretation
Login Name = sa sa
spid < 50 System process has spid less than 50
ClientProcessID is blank Internal Session

It is an internal SQL Server Session and not anything we are doing.  One of the Internal processes is trying to perform ‘housekeeping’ and it is not checking the status of the DB, before trying to access\open it.


Microsoft Connect

  1. Internal Processes attempt to access offline databases – by Daniel Adeniji
    Connect ID :- 959844
    Created By :- Daniel Adeniji
    Date Opened:- 2014-Aug-30th 11:18 AM
    Status :- Closed



It is my humble opinion that SQL Server Internal processes should not surface errors caused by an Administrators’s intentional act of having a database offline.

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