Microsoft – Management Studio – Data Grid – Entering Special Characters


As much as I love working with Management Studio there are still areas that perplex me.


Data Entry

Here I am trying to correct some rows that has “bad data” in them, but Data-grid is spitting back at me.

For example, the data reads “Café Lower Level Eest” & “Café Lower Level Wast” , but Caf&#233 should have read Café; #233 is the ASCII Code for é





SQL Update Statements

The easiest path will be to write a simple, straight forward SQL Update statements, but I do not feel like it.



In Data Entry pane, I tried many a times to correct by entering ALT-233.  But, no go.

BTW, why 232?

Well, if one accesses the ASCII table @ ASCII-Code,com ( ), one will see that é maps to 232.





Character Map

  • Launched Accessories \ System Tools \ Character Map
  • Chose the right font – not that it matters in this case
  • Select the Character you want
  • Access the Select button
  • Access the Copy button
  • Return to Management Studio and paste your selection


Latin Small Letter E with Acute



Entering data in another tool and copying and pasting works.



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