Canon – CanoScan LiDE 210 – MP Navigator Ex – Error Message – “The Scanner driver supported by this software is not installed. Install it and then retry.”


A couple of months ago I had to scan a document. Did so on my sister’s laptop running MS Windows 8.

Since then I have tried to get the same application, Canon – MP Navigator Ex, to work on my Dad’s laptop.  His laptop is a “HP G70” running Vista.

The error message I am getting once I launch the Application is pasted below.


Error Message


The scanner driver supported by this software is not installed.  Install it and then retry.




Downloaded & Re-install

Downloaded and installed Application a few times already.

I visited and downloaded the “Windows Vista (x64)” driver.

And, was able to install the Application.

But, no help.

I then downloaded and tried to install the “Windows Vista (x32)” driver.  But, was unable to get it to work.

The error message that I am getting is:


This program is for 32-bit Intel-compatible platforms only.  The program will be exited.




Plugged Scanner into USB Port

Plugged Scanner into USB Port.  And, MS Windows asked if it is OK to install the driver:


Confirmed in the affirmative.

The Install continued:


And, completed.


Driver Install – Review

Reviewed MS Windows Event Viewer and was able to track that USB Installation occurred.

Branch :- System
Filter :- Source :- User-Pnp





Source Event ID Details
User-Pnp  20001 Driver Management concluded the process to install driver FileRepository\cnq4809.inf_20985667\cnq4809.inf for Device Instance ID USB\VID_04A9&PID_190A\5&58EBB3E&0&1 with the following status: 0.
User-Pnp  20003 Driver Management has concluded the process to add Service usbscan for Device Instance ID USB\VID_04A9&PID_190A\5&58EBB3E&0&1 with the following status: 0.



Driver Install – Review – Device Manger

Launched Control Panel \ System \ “Device Manager” and verified that device is recognized.


The device is found under “Imaging Devices” and it is labelled “CanoScan LiDe 210“.


MP Navigator-Ex

Retried launching MP Navigator-Ex, but same error message: “The scanner driver supported by this software is not installed.  Install it and then retry“.

Review Installed Drivers – Console – DriverQuery.exe

Ran “Driverquery.exe” and looked to see if I can find a driver bearing the Canon name. But, nothing.

Driverquery – Canon

Looked for drivers bearing “Canon” signature.

Driverquery – Realtek

Confirmed that things are working well by querying for Realtek.


MP NavigatorReview Ex 2.0

Still MP NavigatorReview Ex 2.0 will still not work.  Same error message.


Other Scanning Software

I thought to myself, why not try other Scanning Software.

And, so did so and they all worked!

These are the ones I tried:


Types of Scanner Device Drivers

There are two types of Scanner Device Drivers.  They are:

  • Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Driver
  • TWAIN Driver

Here is a screen shot of the types when configuring Scanner through “Not Another PDF Scanner”.



The Canon’s CanoScan is a slightly modern scanner and it uses the WIA Driver.

You can read more here about WIA via links listed in the Reference section.



In summary, though the bundled App (MP Navigator Ex)  is having problems, there appears to be enough technology built into MS Windows WIA Subsystem that other Applications can still successfully access and use our scanner.



References – Windows Image Acquisition


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