Desktop – Linux \ Windows – Unable to move Application Windows as Top Bar is not visible


There are so much we do on the computer that we are not even aware how we do it. For example, moving and resizing a screen we know we click on something and start moving things around.

But, when we can not do it, we try to see if there alternatives to the more obvious pathways.



My problem has occurred a couple of times in the last few days. I am moving things out of the way and then all of a sudden, I am unable to to move the Application Screen back to focus.




In the image pasted above, I am no longer able to move and resize my Chrome Application.


I googled for ways to move things around, but was unsuccessful at describing the problem appropriately.

The best help came via:

Ask Leo – I can’t see the top of a window so I can’t minimize/maximize or close – what can I do


His advice is that I should invoke the System Menu, via keystrokes; specifically ALT-spacebar.

So went back to the little window that is still visible and click in the client Area; there by making sure that the Application is the Active Window and thus the recipient of any key.

And, then hold down ALT while pressing the space-bar.


Once we did so, we have a nice system menu that, and I can now access the “Move” option.

I suppose I could have accessed ALT-F7, all this time.

Prior to know, I was using CTRL-Shift-W to close otherwise orphaned Chrome Windows.

Chrome – Keyboard Shortcuts


Thanks Leo.



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