Life and the things that come our way

Short Email



Hi I don’t know if you remember me. Your church gave my daughter Rahel a Christmas gift from her dad, Stacy. Stacy is serving a life sentence in Montana. I met with a really nice lady to pick up her Christmas gift. This is embarrassing, but I do not remember her name. She was so kind.

She invited me into her home, and her energy just gave me a little sense of peace. She also gave me a couple places I could turn to if I needed any assistance with my electric bill, rent and even food. However, at that time, I was working at CVS Pharmacy and I didn’t need any help. My husband Stacy was incarcerated in 2009, and I by the Grace of God, have been able to care for my daughter without any help.

Unfortunately my luck has taken a turn for the worse. I left CVS Pharmacy, because I was offered a position with a schedule that was M-F 8-5 and had a significant pay increase. I had been working for CVS  for 3 years, and loved it, but I never had any time with my daughter.

Grocery hours are never consistent. I loved the job but my daughter Rahel is still having a hard time coping with her dad going to jail. I have also been having a hard time coping with it. So when the opportunity came my way to have a job where I could have more time with my daughter, I jumped on it.

After two months working at my new job I was laid off, and I have to wait 6 months to get back into CVS Pharmacy. I have a month to go before I can go back, but have fallen so far behind.

So I am reaching out in desperation with hopes that this letter will get to the right person to help me. I received a 3 day notice to Pay my rent or quit. I also received a 15 day notice from PG&E to pay my bill or my electricity will get turned off, and that was about a week ago. I have used up all of my savings, and have sold almost everything I have of value. I got a job offer which I am going to accept, so I will be working by the end of this week, but that isn’t going to help my current situation. I have 2 eggs in my refrigerator. I don’t know what to do.

I’m sorry if I’m sending this to the wrong person. I am just desperate.


  • Craig Morgan – This Ain’t Nothin’

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