Jimbo Fisher – “Things that are tough are what your remember” and that FA thing


Watched Florida State play Auburn for the Collegiate Football National Championship last night.

Here are a couple of quotes from Florida State’s coach and his star redshirt freshman QB.


Florida State – Coach – Jimbo Fisher

Things that are tough are what you remember


Things hadn’t been going well, but you’re down 21 10, you’ve got the ball coming out the second half. You’re in a very good position and you’ll remember this because the things you remember are the things that are hard. You don’t remember the things that come easy to you. You put them away, because you don’t appreciate them.

Florida State – QuarterBack – Jameis Winston

… Not true, Winston said: “I never felt rattled from Auburn’s defense or anything they were doing. But throughout the whole game, I was uncomfortable. … It was myself – it was me wanting to do too much instead of doing what I needed to do.’’

“As a quarterback, you’ve got to always believe that you are never bigger than the game,’’ Winston said, explaining what he was doing wrong. “I was like, `Man, I’m trying to blow these boys out.’ I had to remember, `Hey, I’ve got to respect the game. I’ve got teammates around me. I’ve got a team for a reason.’ ’’

More than Words

Jimbo Fisher knows a bit about tough things has he, his wife, family, and son are fighting Fanconi Anemia (FA) off the field.

Ethan Fisher – Jimbo Fisher’s son


Takes me to:

Jason Michael Carroll – Where I’m From


References – Ethan Fisher

References – Florida State Football

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