Technical: Microsoft – SharePoint – v2100 – List – Management – Deletion

Technical: Microsoft – SharePoint – v2010 – List – Management – Deletion


I have a little assignment; and the assignment is to copy a SharePoint List from an old server to a new one.

Knowing me,  I will likely make a lot of false starts and so let me sure I will be able to remove half-way created lists.


Navigate to the Site Home

Let us navigate to our Site’s home.

Thank goodness that SharePoint has Navigational panel for sojourning back to the Site’s home page.

Here is our top panel.


At the top of the page we have the little folder Navigation icon folderNavigation

We will use that icon to take us to the Site’s Home page.

Access List Management

Once on the Site’s home page, we will access the List’s management tools.

Pasted below is our Site’s home page.


The List’s page is accessible by moving our glance to the left sub-panel and clicking on the Lists hyperlink.

Select List

Here is the list of our currently established lists:

List - StandardView - Lists (include friends)

Because of the Site Template we chose when creating our “Site Collection”, we have a few standard lists:

  • Announcements
  • Calendar
  • Links
  • Tasks

The one list that we created is the Friends List.

And, so that is the one we will offer up.

Navigation Tools

More on Navigational Tools.  I think it is important to know where one is in SharePoint. For the sake of consistency and uniformity most of the screens have a familiar and standard look.

So to know where you really are, I will suggest two ploys:

  • Keeping an eye on your URL box
  • Making note of the middle panel

When on the List View panel, our URL reads http://<sharepointserver>:13201/_layouts/viewlsts.aspx.  The important notifier is the document tag that reads viewlsts.aspx.

And, the middle panel reads:


Which to me says that the screen is displaying all sub-sites, lists, and libraries.

List – All Items

Once we chose to go with the Friend’s List, here is where we ended up.

List - Friends - AllItems

Our guide is:

In case we have contents for our lists, they will be noted and listed on our right panel.

List – All Items – Management

To be able to manage the settings on our list, we have to click on the “List Tools/List” icon.

Once we do so, we will see a screen that resembles the screen shot below:

List - Friends - AllItems - Management

List Settings

To manage our List Settings, we will aptly click on the “List Settings” icon.

Upon clicking on the List Settings icon, we are taken to the List Settings page.

List - Friends - ListSettings


And, I think this is where we want to be:

We see familiar options, such as:

  • Title, description, and navigation
  • Versioning Settings
  • Advanced Settings
  • Validation Settings
  • Delete this list
  • Save list as template
  • Permissions for the list
  • Workflow Settings
  • RSS Settings

Obviously, our choice it to go with the “Delete this list” choice.

Delete List

Once the “Delete this List” choice is made, the confirmation box is offered:

Are you sure you want to send this list to the site Recyle Bin?


And, we affirmative say OK.

All Site Content

Once the List is removed, we are returned to the “All Site Content” page.

List - Friends - AllSiteContent


Yes, should have read the manual.  But, unlike my last few posted and best left private posts, did not pay bitterly for not reading the manual.

Now on to reviewing the steps for exporting and importing SharePoint Lists.


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