Michael Ramsden

Thanks goodness for YouTube, as I sometimes have on my head-phone and listen to Christian Apologetics; this time Michael Ramsden.

Michael is the Director of Ravi Zacharias RZIM ministry in Europe.  Here are some of what he has to share:

Calling the humanist bluff 

Michael Ramsden: calling the humanist bluff
(For short conclusion listen to 21:37 – 26:18)

Why do we need God 
Why do we need God – Michael Ramsden – part1.avi

Why do we need God – Michael Ramsden – part2.avi

Why do we need God – Michael Ramsden – part3.avi


Addendum – 2014.01.24

Lost and found

Lost and Found

Addendum – 2014.01.24

Answering the Tough Questions

Answering the Tough Questions Part I with Michael Ramsden

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