Online Video Downloading : In this case m4v files


There is a fascinating news show that I occasionally stumble upon.

It so happens that a local news that I was following was covered my them many months

ago.  And, I wanted to have the video for keepsake.

Using Browser, Go to Video URL

Using your browser, go to video URL

View Page Source

In Chrome:

  1. Right click on the Page, and on the drop-down menu select “View Page source”

Search for tag in Page Source

  1. Search for “Video”Here is the snippet of code I found from searching on Video…Not exactly what I expected, but will do:
    var showVar_tmpl = 'watch_video';
    var showVar_sectName = '';
    var showVar_sectId = '918212';
    var showVar_url = 'video/fav';
    var showVar_style = 'fav'; 
    var vtag;
    var ord =  20081201181171;
    var thumbimage = 'http://newshow.jpg';
    var sourc =  '';

Using Browser, download movie

From reviewing the source snippet pasted above, it is obvious that the video is encoded as a m4v.

Tried a few of YouTube downloading web sites, but no go.

Thankfully after more trials and errors, I determined that quite a few browsers support direct download of M4v files.



  • Enter Video URL into browser’s URL
  • Once Video is up, right click and choose to “Save As..”
  • In the “Save As” window, indicate location to save file



No video security in place, just a show that is free over the wire.

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