Microsoft – SharePoint (v2010) – SharePoint Foundation – Get List of Products Installed along with Version#

Microsoft – SharePoint (v2010) – SharePoint Foundation – Get List of Products Installed along with Version#

Which Products are installed?

Using GUI

  • Launch SharePoint 2010 Central Administration
  • Access the default screen
  • Under “upgrade and migration”, select “Check product and patch installation status”
  • The “Manage Patch Status” screen is displayed
  • On that screen you should be able to view products are installed and their corresponding version#

Using PowerShell

PowerShell Query:

get-SPFarm | select Servers, Name, DisplayName, Status, BuildVersion

PowerShell Output:



Or do one better and try out someone else’s code:

  • I like Matthias_Einig (RENCORE AB) code and it is available @
  • Please download and extract the compressed file
  • Launch Terminal Mode (Command Line Shell – cmd.exe); preferable as an Administrator
  • Using cd <extracted-foldername>, Change directory to the folder where you placed your files
  • Launch Powershell (powershell.exe)
  • Unfortunately, Matthias’ code is not digitally signed and you will have to tell your system it is OK to run it
  • In Powershell, you indicate so by issuing “Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted”
  • Run Matthias’s script (note that you have to enter the file’s full name or if you in that folder, place “.\” prior to your file name

In our case, we got



Yes, it is much easier to use the GUI.  But, you might want to get comfortable with the SharePoint Command-Line Tool (stsadm.exe) and the PowerShell Snapin (Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell Snap-In).

And, yes GUI’s quickly and readily convey information in easily accessible forms, but the backplane is where all the instrumentation and hard-lifting occurs.


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