J. Cole


Have not listened to radio in months and so forgive me for missing this new voice from Fayetteville, NC.

Who ever held of Fayetteville and even Chrome mocks it up as a misspelled word.

But, all week long thanks to YouTube…J Cole has being on repeat…


Here are a couple of tracks…

  1. J Cole – Let Nas Down
    • Videos
      • Video
        Link ( Sampled a bit of Fela )
      • Video
        Channel :- thisisromel
        Published On :- 2013-July-5th, 2013
  2. J Cole – Villematic
    • Link
    • Link
      Striked out on 2017-11-14
    • Villematic, Fridays Night Out
      Channel :- kurtcurto1
      Added On :- 2017-11-14
  3. J. Cole – Too Deep For The Intro | Friday Night Lights
  4. J.Cole – Grew Up Fast


Always, good to see a college graduate, who is yet able to hold a crowd.

J Cole’s Lengthy Speech To Explain “Let Nas Down” Power 105 1 FM


Repeat (on YouTube) yet again…


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