Technical: Disk – IO – Performance – Disk Benchmark – Tools – DiskMark

Technical: Disk – IO – Performance – Disk Benchmark – Tools – DiskMark


Have a couple of internal disks and network SAN Storage and wanted to know how they compare.

So looked on the Net for free Disk IO Benchmark and profiling tools.


  • Iometer
  • Atto
  • CrystalDiskMark

Tried a couple of the tools, but the one I settled on is DiskMark from NetworkDLS.


Download the tool from


Install the tool


Once the tool is installed, please initiate it.

There are 4 major areas you want to touch on.

Disk Drive

All the disks on the system are availed in the “Disk Drive” drop-down box.

Set Size

This is the payload unit size.  It is represented in bytes.

You are able to use simple math when entering your value. 

 Size  Values
 1 K  1024
 64 KB  64 * 1024
 1 MB (1000 KB)  1000 * 1024
 1 GB (1000 * 1000 KB)  1000 * 1000 * 1024


This is the number of times to process each payload.


This value relates to repetition cycle.  For each cycle values are gathered.  And, at the completion of all the runs, averages are calculated.

Sample Result

Trial Run:

Here is the configuration of our Trial Run:


Disk C:

DiskMark - Drive C

Disk D:

DiskMark - Drive D (v2)

Disk X:

DiskMark - Drive X

Disk Y:

DiskMark - Drive Y

Disk Z:

DiskMark - Drive Z

Analyze Result

Analyze result.

Disk  Disk Time  Write Performance  Read Performance
C 274.79  9.34 MB/s 128.32 MB/s
D 272.47  9.42 MB/s 125.60 MB/s
X 22.74 115.99 MB/s 287.97 MB/s
Y 25.56 101.97 MB/s 254.61 MB/s
Z 25.24 106.47 MB/s 277.02 MB/s


From using the Open Source Tool, DiskMark, we are quickly able to determine that our internal drives (C: & D:) will only deliver 10 MB/sec when writing data.

Whereas the SAN Storage drives will deliver an average of about 105 MB.

The numbers are not break-point numbers as the tool might probably not be writing data in parallel, using read-ahead cache, etc.

The number are simply guidance numbers while comparing Apple to Apple, so to speak.


References – DiskMark

References – winsat

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