It will rain

Sunday is my lone TV Day.

Watched the old sturdy and reliable 60 Minutes and wanted to take the old la’y out to dinner, but she wasn’t really biting.

Channel Surfing brought me to “The Voice”. And, what a joy that was. It has three of my favorites :

But, the song that really took me away from my bad was a pairing of two contestants (C.Perkins and Kris Thomas) reprising Bruno Mars’s – It will rain.




  1. C. Perkins vs. Kris Thomas – The Voice Highlight
  2. Extended Version (include judge’s reaction):
    C. Perkins battles Kris Thomas singing “It Will Rain” for the right to stick with Team Shakira
  3. Kris Thomas – It will Rain – Studio Version – The Voice 2013
    Date Demoted:- 2020-December-7th
  4. It will rain Kris Thomas vs C. Perkins
    Channel:- Nguyen Trung
    Date Added:- 2013-June-3rd
  5. C. Perkins: “It Will Rain” – The Voice (Studio Version)
    Channel:- Manow Contento
    Date Added:- 2013-April-30th


In Closing

I hope you have some music in your LIFE, and you hear a new one when you most need it.


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