Microsoft – Storage – Disk – Error Message – “The volume requires contiguous disk extents”

Another day, another problem.  Or more precisely, “Another day, another imprecise, unhelpful error”

Rumor has it that if you want to extend your drive\partition you can use the GUI or use the command line \ diskpart:

List disk

Select disk 0

List partition

Select partition 3

List Volume 0

Select Volume 0

extend size = <size> disk = <disk-to-steal-storage-from>

But, when I try to do same, I am getting errors (listed below):

  • The volume requires contiguous disk extents
  • The specified disks have less than 1 MB of free space available.  Please specify a disk with at least 1 MB available free space –> If the source disk is RAW or already formatted
  • The specified disks do not belong to the same pack
  • No extents were found for the plex

Btw, I also tried using “AOMEI Partition Assistant”, but got the error pasted below:
The lite edition can only work in the online state of networking.  Please detect your internet connection.
AOMEI Partition Assistance - Lite Edition

The AOEMI version we tried is available from:


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