Technical: Nice Letters –> Word Art in WordPress.Com

Technical: Nice Letters —> Word Art in

While preparing a recent post, I googled quite a bit and ran into Joshua Townsend’s blog.  The specific entry that I am referring to is

And, wow did I like his formulas and how smart he made them look.  Who will not like and quickly understand the formula\pictorial pasted below:


I know you shall not ‘covet’ your neighbor’s property.  But, I really got to get my hands on this guy’s stuff.

May be I can email him and ask how he managed to make things look so good.  But, I already stole his knowledge, I can’t possibly steal his toolsets either.

So I tried a few things.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought may be I should just try Microsoft Word; as I remember they had Microsoft Publisher and used to do nice things with WordArt.

Here is what I tried:

  • Launched Microsoft Word
  • Entered my text
  • Copied the entered plain text and pasted it unto a new one that I can play with
  • Selected the new text and Chose the Format\Font Menu Item
  • In the Font Window, one is able to choose various fonts and colors
  • You should also click on the “Text Effects” button

Micrsooft - Word - Text EFfects

At the other end you will get “Word Art” that looks like the one below:

Microsoft - Word - Nice Words

Later you can capture the nice word art and make a picture (.png) file out of it.  Word Press will let you import that image.


Here I am (this early morning) giddy with joy and appreciation, received a comment from Josh:

Josh –
Glad you like it! I used the LaTeX markup language. The wordpress JetPack plugin converts it to .png automagically.

Josh Townsend,, added a comment to my little posting.

Josh steward’s the VMWare User group in Washington DC  [  Washington DC Metro Area VMware User Group (VMUG) ].  And, he is a VMExpert and he is up there as one can be.  But, he still took a little time to help little me.

2 thoughts on “Technical: Nice Letters –> Word Art in WordPress.Com

    • Josh :

      Thanks much, you ‘re truly a gifted human being.

      As I am hosting via free version of, it appears that I will not be able do customize wordpress and use the JetPack plugin.

      With the idea you gave me, I was able to use the online LaTeX equation Editor @

      Thanks much as I obviously was not aware of this Technology prior to now.

      Thanks to you; once again, I got a lot more help than I deserved.


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