Linked-In – Email Notifications and Faith in Social [Loose] Connections

Linked-In – Email Notifications  and Faith in Social [Loose] Connections

It all started a couple of weeks ago.  I was getting a bit spammed by this one person on Linked-In.

And, so I clicked on the Un-subscribe link on:

You are receiving LinkedIn message emails. Unsubscribe.

And, so here I am today needing to send a lunch request to someone that I do not even have an email address for.

Agreeable, it is all so sad.  I have no name, no email address for this person.  But, I have seen her each week for the last 10 years or so.

Again, it is so sad.  A bit of over reliance on Tribal Knowledge; whether it is in physical or social circles.

But, once I connected to Linked-In, I saw a message from a person I actually wanted to hear from.  Same here – She has no phone number nor email address for me. And, she logs in to Linked-In and believes she will actually reach me.

But, because of the last spam, I mistakenly opted out of all emails — There was just no good way, to filter out how this earlier person was reaching me.

So anyway how do you start getting Linked-In Emails:

  • Connect to “Linked-In”
  • Underneath your name, click on the “Settings”  (
  • In the “Profile” group-box, click on the “Email Preferences”
  • You will think you ‘re suppose to click on “Email Preferences” \ “Select the types of messages you are willing to receive”, but you will be a bit wrong
  • as you will need to click on “Email Preferences” \ “Set frequency of Emails”

Frequency of emails

Linked-In -- Frequency of emails

In my case, I needed to alter the following settings:

  • InMails, Introductions, and OpenLink
  • Replies/Messages from connections


Linked-In -- Frequency of emails (Fixed)

It is Sunday evening and it is movie day.

Here I am watching happythankyoumoreplease.  It is a bit nerdy and goofy.  And, I promise you will like it.

It has a sweet, lullaby soundtrack, as well:

JayMay – Never be Daunted

I end up watching quite a bit of movies; as I am a screener.  The movie has a bit of nudity. And, so your assignment is to let me know if it is “Parent Friendly”.

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