NetApp – Data Collection Tool for Windows (ONTAPWinDC.exe)

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008

Ran OnTapWinDC, but unfortunately received an error message:

The application has failed to start because its side-by-sideconfiguration  is in correct. Please see the application 
event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail.

To fix download and install “Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 redistributable package”. For X64 versions, download the following:

I installed “Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1”.  And, re-ran OnTapWinDC.

And, my God it launched successfully.

But, when I tried gathering data it shows the error listed below: Authentication failed <Filer Name>

NetApp - OnTapWinDC

I spent all evening trying to fix this one. Missed the last bus and everything in between.

I knew I had a problem with Network Firewall and not just simple user-name & password authentication.

Tried setting up a SSH Tunneling with MS Windows based Free SSH Servers.  Had one working with Cygwin, but was not in a mood to set up another one.

Nevertheless, finally, resorted to using a pre-existing Linux one.

To create the SSH Tunnel that will facilitate SSH Access to the Filers:



  plink [SSHServer] -P 22 -C -L [BridgeAddress]:BridgePort:DestinationAddress:22


 plink SSHServer -ssh -P 22 -C -L

To ensure that your connections are set up, use putty and see if you ‘re able to connect to the Filers:

  • Run putty
  • Target hostname : localhost
  • Target Port number: 22

Putty screen:

putty - localhost - port 22

The system came back with Filer asking me to authenticate.  Should have taken the help of the best NetApp engineer in world and configured Filer’s SSH Key authentication.

And, would not have to enter passwords.  Issued the password and we are good.

Issue a couple of NetApp Host Commands:



netapp - validation

Run netstat -ano to review your Network Connections:

netstat -ano | find ":22 "


Netstat -ano | find ":22 "

netstat - port - 22 - port 22

And, then returned to the tool:

  • Filer Name/IP –> Make sure to use localhost  — as ssh tunneling will redirect

NetApp - OnTapWinDC - User Authentication - post ssh

But, still no luck.  The same error message:Authentication Failed.

I am here thanking Craig:

Gotcha with NetApp’s OnTapWinDcTool

Basically, he says that connectivity to Filer is actually over HTTP, and not SSH. And, that to fix you should connect to your Filer and enable HTTP.

options httpd.admin.enable on

To facilitate HTTP Access over TCP/IP Tunneling:

  plink SSHServer -ssh -P 22 -C -L

To validate our SSH Connection, issue:

   netstat -ano | find ":80"

And, you should see at minimum the following entries:

netstat - port - 80

The data is easy enough to read:

  • Column – 1 – Protocol {TCP}
  • Column – 2 – Local IP Address and Port Number { LocalHost:80)
  • Column – 3 – Destination IP Address and Port Number
  • Column – 4 – Status { Listening}
  • Column – 5 – Process ID {13080}

The Process ID is important.  To terminate the SSH Connection, issue a kill request directed to the process ID.

Once we have SSH Tunneling to the Filer over port 80, we were good.


References – NetApp – OnTapWinDCTool

References – SSH Tunneling

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