plink – Auto Accepts security key


plink – Auto Accepts security key

Here is a script, that does the following:

  • Iterates through list of servers in listofServers.txt
  • Invokes plink against each host – while using built-in credential root and rootpwd
  • Uses echo command and passes in “y” to indicate that host password be received

for /f %%s in (listofServers.txt) do (

    echo 'Invocation on %%s ...'

    echo y | plink %%s -l root -pw rootpwd "hostname"



The keys are saved in:



SSH – Private – Key – Registry Location

Server - Key - PrivateKey

Store key in cache

Putty - SshHostKeys


Possible Error Messages:

  • Unable to open connection: Host does not exist
  • Access denied



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