Splicing Audio on Mac OS/X – Using iTunes

Splicing Audio on Mac OS/X  – Using iTunes

I have this 4 hour Audio and the most instructive segment is a 3 minutes slice that is located at the end of the Audio file.

And, so to allow easy and quick rendition, I am trying to splice that little segment.

There are a couple of avenues for doing so on Microsoft PC.  But, at this very time, the most available computer I have is this Mac laptop.

So Goggled for help.  And, picked up some good tips.

Help came in terms of toolsets and steps.  The Toolsets are:

  • Apple – iTune
  • Apple – GarageBand

Apple – iTune

The steps are from https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-3762

  • In iTune, listen to the song and note down the starting and ending time of the clip you will like to preserve
  • In the Library window, select the Audio and click on the menu items File / “Get Info”
  • Go to the “Options” tab, set the “Start Time” and “Stop Time” to match the start and stop marker you recorded earlier
  • Exit the “Get Info” window
  • Right-click on the track again in the main library window and select “Create new version/Create <> Version…”
  • Choose from the abridged output type
  • A new audio file is created.

iTunes / Library / Get Info / Options

iTunes - Get Info - Options

General Preferences / Import Settings

As said earlier, an abridged output type is offered.  To choose a different output type, one has to follow this path:

  • Menu Item – iTunes / Preferences
  • From the “General Preferences” window, click on the “Import Settings…” button
  • In the “Import Settings” window, in the “Import Using” drop-down , choose from these choices “AAC Encoder” / “AIFF Encoder” / “Apple Lossless Encoder” / “WAV Encoder” / “MP3 Encoder”.
  • A well written description of available Import types is available @ iTunes 10 for Mac: Choose import settings (http://support.apple.com/kb/PH1131?viewlocale=en_US)

iTunes - General Preferences - Import Settings

Library / View Options

As we played with different output types, it became important to know which format we had saved a file.  Towards that end, add File attributes as new columns to your Library view.

The steps are:

  • From the menu select “View” / “View Options”
  • In our case, from the File group-box, we selected “Bit Rate”, “Sample Rate”, “Kind”, and Size

iTunes - View Options

Library – View Options

iTunes - Library - View Options


References – iTunes:

References – MP3 Trimmer

References – General

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