Microsoft – OS – File System Drivers

Microsoft – OS – File System Drivers

Reviewing System Performance issues and having to dig in a bit deeper into the OS.

And, so here I am again looking for for “File System Drivers”.  Funny, you should ask what are file system drivers.  Well they are those “pesky” little things that sit between the OS and the File System.

The list includes:

  • Anti-Virus
  • File Encryption
  • Compression

Any and everything that intercepts calls by the OS to the File System.

So googled for it and thankfully came across fltmc.  fltmc is a Microsoft tool and it is bundled with our OS, Microsoft Windows 2008/R2.


The output reveals 4 columns:

Further research per each Filter yielded:

  • eeCtrl –> Symantec / Anti-virus
  • SRTSP –> Symantec / Anti-virus – AutoProtect
  • luafv –> Microsoft (UAC File Virtualization)
  • FileInfo –> Microsoft

Had a hard time determining the legitimacy of FileInfo.  So launch regedit and searched for FileInfo.


From its registry anchor, here are some particulars:

  • The service name is known as FileInfo
  • Legacy driver (Legacy marked 1)
  • It is located in %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\drivers\fileinfo.sys

FileInfo - Services

More regedit search reveals:

  • DependOnService –> fltmgr
  • Start –> 3
  • Type –> 2

In nutshell, you want to look at the list of File System Drivers and Filters.  Compare that list against systems that are working a bit better.  And, hopefully discover something amiss.

Or launch other system profiling tools such as xperf and try to see if any of the noted filters is a bit expensive.  More on that later…


References – Filter (Technical Perspective)

References – Filter –> luafv ( Microsoft [UAC File Virtualization])


References – Filter —> Troubleshooting


References – Microsoft –  SQL Server


References – Filter —> FileInfo



References – Device Manager

References – Device Manager (Alternate)


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References – Device Management – Command Line



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