Noah – Lifespan pre and post Noah’s Flood


Listened in on a sermon this weekend.  And, the preacher touched on  interesting points that I was not ‘deeply’ aware of.

Basically, he spoke about how the climate and ‘man’ changed so much after the flood.

Here is a chart that shows the dramatic change in longevity:

Why did man live longer BEFORE the flood




Life Spans before the deluge

Life Spans

after the deluge

Person Age at death Person Age at death
Adam 930 Shem 600
Cainan 910 Eber 464
Jared 962 Terah 205
Methuselah 969 Abraham 175
Noah 950 Moses 120



  1. Why did man live longer before flood of Noah than after it
  2. At what age did God create Adam

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