Mac – OSX – Find Files (from Terminal Mode)

Mac – OSX – Find Files (from Terminal Mode)

So you are trying to develop and review Application Source Code while sitting in front of your TV and watch ACC Basketball; specifically Carolina beat up Maryland.

This kid, James Michael McAdoo, with the Fro, is a bit Flashy.

You can watch a bit of him on YouTube …

But, you say you need to find files and I am having you look at a High School B-Ball player.

So here are quick steps to find files.

1) Step 1 is to launch the Terminal Window

2) Step 2 is to change current folder to your Source Code root


    cd <app-src-code-root>


    cd ~/app/hotelRental

3) Find Java Files

-- to find files underneath your current directory
-- that have the keyword java in their name

find . -name "*java*"

4) Search you entire computer HD, looking for Java Files

-- to find files from your entire HD

find / -name "*java*" 2> /dev/null

And, yes you do need the silly “2> /dev/null” as it tells the system to hide error messages (by flushing them out to a null device).

In this case the error messages are due to the numerous “security denial” errors.


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