Mac/OSX – Screen Capture to Clipboard

Mac/OSX – Screen Capture to Clipboard

On this Mac and needing to do a bunch of screen captures.  Don’t really want to save each screen capture on to individual files.

So what to do, save unto Clipboard and embed into my document, an email in this case.

Warren harrison’s blog posting brought the most job.

Warren Harrison

First, open Automator and choose New Service and name it something like “Screen Capture to Clipboard”. Next, set the “Service Receives” drop down to “no input” and add the “Run Shell Script” action to the workflow (it’s in the “Utilities” library of actions on the left). Next, type screencapture -i -c in the script area and save your workflow.


—- a little later; when it is time to capture a screen —

Now, you can access this service under the Services menu of any application. Running it will allow you to select an area of the screen and capture it directly to the clipboard.

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