Wiz Khalifa – Remember You ft. The Weeknd

Grew up on East Coast.  Actually, the South if you ask my boys from “up the Way”.

So a bit surprise upon coming to the Left Coast and finding that most grew up Rasta.

On a few Reggae Gold Night, drove up to SF and had a good time at End Up:

End up

Hedonists who “want to keep the party going” after the other clubs close “always end up” at this “louche” SoMa “institution” where an “eclectic crowd”, both gay and straight – “very much down-to-earth and up for anything” – throws down to “pumping” house and techno; you can also down “stiff drinks” at one of three bars or “take a few gulps of fresh air” on the “loungey” patio, but don’t be shocked if you “lose track of time” (“what, the sun is up?”).

If you ever rode with someone and ended-up catching a whiff of some nice Rhyme’s don’t be surprised if you end up finding out it is your boy, Wiz Khalifa.

Here are a couple of tracks for my Club Heads:

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