“SQL Fiddle” by Nikos Vaggalis


“Fiddler on the Roof” is a classic.

And, appropriately there are a few good Software Tools that has used that name, Fiddler.


The list includes:


Jake Feasel – SQL Fiddle

This is the link.

Here is what Jake has to say:

A tool for easy online testing and sharing of database problems and their solutions.

I found JS Fiddle to be a great tool for answering javascript / jQuery questions, but I also found that there was nothing available that offered similar functionality for the SQL questions. So, that was my inspiration to build this site. Basically, I built this site as a tool for developers like me to be more effective in assisting other developers.

Ramon Roche helped me to get the UI moved to Bootstrap, and just generally helped to make it look a lot better. This has been my first time using Bootstrap, and without his assistance getting started I’m sure it would have been a lot rougher. Thanks Ramon!


Piotr Zalewa – JSFiddle

And, it is available here.

JsFiddle is a playground for web developers, a tool which may be used in many ways. One can use it as an online editor for snippets build from HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The code can then be shared with others, embedded on a blog, etc. Using this approach, JavaScript developers can very easily isolate bugs. We aim to support all actively developed frameworks – it helps with testing compatibility.

The idea came while I was chatting with MooTools developers on IRC #mootools. We were helping new people with JavaScript issues, using code which would fit in one line. Soon there was a question which was too complicated for a “one-liner”. Answering it would involve opening an editor, creating an HTML file with all necessary tags and in the end opening it in the browser. I thought there’s too much burden and the question remained unanswered. From that moment I knew it should be done on the web and the next day the prototype was ready.


Web Debugger – Proxy

Here is the link.

What is Fiddler?

Fiddler is a Web Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP(S) traffic between your computer and the Internet. Fiddler allows you to inspect traffic, set breakpoints, and “fiddle” with incoming or outgoing data. Fiddler includes a powerful event-based scripting subsystem, and can be extended using any .NET language.

Fiddler is freeware and can debug traffic from virtually any application that supports a proxy, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and thousands more. You can also debug traffic from popular devices like Windows Phone, iPod/iPad, and others.

Sample Work

Later that evening, upon getting home from work, I wanted to show my brother how to use SQLFiddle.com

So launched Chrome and quickly put together a sample “Running Total” SQL.

Unfortunately, the link is no longer available.




BTW, crediting Mikael Eriksson for introducing me to SQLFiddle.

Here is his profile.

Calculate a running Total in SQL Server

Available, where else, Stackoverflow – Link



  1. SQL Fiddle
  2. An Interview with JsFiddle Creator Piotr Zalewa

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