Microsoft – SQL Server – Log File Utilization and Running Total

Here are I am taking a good look at Database Log File Sizes. And, needing a good
way to determine the overall running total.

I think I can use “dbcc sqlperf(logspace)”.

But, as I had a working code already, I chose to use that one.

The working code basically reads through sys.database_files and uses the MetaData function fileProperty.

The only thing missing is a good path to arriving at running total.

So Googled for one and ended up a finding a good one in very quick succession.

Give Credit to Mike Forman

The APPLY operator in SQL 2005 and higher works for this:

select ,
    t.somedate ,
    t.somevalue ,
from TestTable t
 cross apply (
               select sum(somevalue) as runningTotal
    	       from TestTable
    	       where somedate <= t.somedate
    	     ) as rt
order by t.somedate

Giving credit to Mikael Erikson

In SQL Server 2012 you can use SUM() with the OVER() clause.

       over(order by somedate rows
             unbounded preceding
           ) as runningtotal
from TestTable

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Here is a sample code to get SQL Server Transaction Log File Sizes:

      file_id as fileID  
   --, name 
   --, physical_name
   , (size / 128) as sizeInMB
   , (((FILEPROPERTY(name, 'spaceUsed'))) / 128) as spaceUsedInMB    , tblDBFileInUsedRT.spaceUsed as spaceusedRunningTotalInMB
   , (( size - (FILEPROPERTY(name, 'spaceUsed'))) / 128) as 
  , tblDBFileAvailRT.avail as availRunningTotalInMB

from    sys.database_files tblDBFile	

cross apply 

    sum(((FILEPROPERTY(, 'spaceUsed'))) / 128)        as spaceUsed	
  from   sys.database_files tblDBFileTotal
  where  (tblDBFileTotal.type = 1)
  and    tblDBFileTotal.file_id <= tblDBFile.file_id

  )	tblDBFileInUsedRT

cross apply 

    select sum(( size - (FILEPROPERTY(name, 'spaceUsed'))) / 128) 
             as avail	
    from   sys.database_files tblDBFileTotal
    where  (tblDBFileTotal.type = 1)
    and    tblDBFileTotal.file_id <= tblDBFile.file_id

  ) tblDBFileAvailRT


 	   (tblDBFile.type = 1)


order by tblDBFile.file_id asc


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The silliness of “Java vs .Net”, “Oracle vs MySQL vs SQL Server” starts to give way to what you ‘re trying to do for your paying customers.


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