Igor Pavlov’s 7-Zip, WinScp, CyberDuck, Chrome, Java, Keka and Internet

Igor Pavlov’s 7-Zip, WinScp, CyberDuck, Java, Keka, Internet

“Everyone loves Raymond” is my Dad’s favorite.  Each day after work I come home a bit tired and want to watch something a bit new and refreshing, but there he is holding on tight to the remote control.

And, same goes for Open Source and free software in general.  Everyone loves them.  And, though I have yet to contribute anything to the Open Source community one could only imagine how much work and thought goes into thinking of a problem and pouring ones’s heart and soul into it.  And, then to turn around and contribute it, not just to the programming community, but to the world.

Grew up using pkzip and then later Winzip.  And, liked it.  On Servers and for scheduled processing, took to the command line Winzip and I think companies I have worked for paid for it.

But, the last few years it has all been 7-zip.  Hassle free; install it and one is “off and running” – like the saying goes “It’s a beautiful day at the races, and, yes, they’re off and running!

So here I am – Need to collect some performance statistics.  And, the files are quite big.  I know a couple of things.  And, those are:

  • The data is text data and so unlike binary data, they lend themselves off to quick and high ratio compression
  • I do not want to have to copy and transmit individual files

Just too lazy.  And, so in MS Windows Explorer, selected all the individual performance files and right clicked on my selection and chose to create a 7z archive.

Quick and very easy.  Once created used WinSCP to copy the file to a staging location.

On Mac’s laptop, used CyberDuck to copy the files down from the staging location to my Mac OS.

Launched Google Chrome and seemly the Web Site relies on Sun’s Java Applet to upload the file.

Vendor came back and said, they are not as enamored with 7z files.  And, so repeated the same thing; save for in 7-zip changed compression format from 7z to zip.

BTW, if you look at the screen shot above, you will see that the 7z file is less that 1/4th of the corresponding zip formatted file.

Also, as 7-zip does not work on Mac OX, I was pushed to discover Keka.  I used Keka to review the files and make sure that they should indeed be accessible from other’s Mac machines.

Quick remembrance of things used:

  • 7-zip
  • WinSCP
  • CyberDuck
  • Google Chrome with Sun’s Java
  • Internet
  • Keka


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