Cygwin – Grabbing on Mac for Windows Deployment

Cygwin – Grabbing on Mac for Windows Deployment

Working on my Mac Laptop today, but need to get Cygwin for a Windows Machine.

Yes, so usually you go to Cygwin web site and download the App.  But, cygwin is a bit of a pain here.  It does not allow one to download the full install.  The only install available is a kicker install.

So I am having a bit of horrible tooth-ache.  Looked all over the .Net for a good whole install.

Googled for the usual suspects:

  1. Offline Install
  2. Full Install

But nothing credible, nor half-way reliable.

The only thing that seemed worthwhile is download all the files locally and copy all those files from my laptop to the Windows Server.

So quick learn of rsync is in order.

Opted for a GUI Application; specifically Grsync.

  1. Éric Béliveau – Grsync

There are only a few options that one needs to know and enter.  Here are those entries:

1) Source

The Source is either a folder or a URL.  In our case, it is the URL for Cygwin.  To determine that URL, please sojourn to  Per each URL, you have a choice http, ftp, or rsync.  As we doing rysync, grap the URL for rsync.

Based on our proximity, we chose rsync://


2) Destination

For the Destination, choose a local folder on your machine.

3) The other options that end you up in a good place, are:

On the “Basic Options” Tab:

  • Preserve time (Checked)
  • Verbose (Checked)
  • Show Transfer progress (Checked)

On the “Advanced options” Tab:

  • Protect remote args (Unchecked)

“Advanced Options”



  1. Cygwin – Mirror Sites

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