MS – Windows – Image – Cropping

MS – Windows – Image – Cropping

This is so easy…

But, when one is artistically challenged, everything is hard.

Back on my Windows Desktop and needed to cut off pieces off a Screen Capture.

BTW, to capture images on my Windows Desktop I usually use the free version of WinSnap.  The free version is V1 and it is available @

In WinSnap you probably want to choose to capture a region.  That allows one to choose a rectangular area to capture.

Once captured, you might want to blot out Serial Numbers and the like.

So here I am Googling for everything under the November Sun.  But, really don’t know what to go Google for:

  • Cropping images
  • Cutting images
  • Blotting Images

After going through a few pages of Google Results, I was a bit deterred.

And, came back to may be the OS has something so easy to use, and so a cottage Industry never came about.

If OS has one, it will probably be Paint.

So launched Paint and the top menu instantly revealed that it is probably has what I need.

Once in Paint, I could see the familiar:

  • Select button
  • The Crop image button

So off to work:

  1. Using the Select button, one can select a rectangular Area or “Free-Hand” your Selection
  2. Once you ‘re comfortable with the Area, choose the Crop button and you ‘re done
  3. Save your File under a new name

And,  think you ‘re done.


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