HP – Software – Driver \ Firmware Patches (2012)

HP – Software – Driver \ Firmware Patches (2012)

Science is all about being a busy body; some call it being curious.

If you lack interest, if you lack joy for it — Then you probably should not be in Technology; or at least in particular sub-domains of it.

So installed patches earlier in the week and occasionally one has the interest to go back and document the patch a bit; while doing so, you hopefully deepen your overall understanding.

So you Goggle until your wrist hurt — How I wish I was one of those with the gentle typist fingers … Wow must be nice.

So anyways I have this HP Patch that is geared towards MS Windows Installation.  And, thank Goodness it is pre-packaged as a MS Windows Executable (exe).

So no problem with installation … Just run and you have a nice GUI…

But, wanted to dig in a bit and see what is exactly being bundled.

To do so, launched the installer and chose the “Extract” option:

For this executable, got the following files:

  1. bcu.exe
  2. bfa_boot_fw
  3. boot.txt
  4. BootImageInfo.xml
  5. cp017397.xml
  6. cpqsetup.exe
  7. installer.dll
  8. reference.xml

Let us dig a bit deeper per each file:


  • This file is the Brocade CLI Utility.  CLI means Command Line Utility.
  • As the name suggests to really use the utility launch a command shell and start digging around command line options


  • Not so sure when this file is used
  • It contains entries in old style item = value designation
# Template for the entries for a particular type of card
# <Field Name>   = <Value>    
# CARDTYPE(*)   = <Model type>
# DESCRIPTION= <Brief description of the card>
# FWCFG(M)     = <Firmware Configuration file name>

Sample Entries




Seem basis as bfa_boot_fw will suffice.


  • As the file extension suggests this is a true XML file
  • It has the version#
  • The package’s release date
  • SupportedDrivers — That is which version# of the base Drivers are supported
  • And, a hash#




  • This is also an XML file
  • It is much more detailed that other XML files (in the bundle)
  • It is probably the most revealing in terms of HP’s Engineering predigree
  • It has entries for Division — In this case Networking / Server
  • Lists the Operating Systems Supported – In this case Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x64, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Version# – 2012.05.01
  • Language List – English / Japanese
  • Description – “This component upgrades the boot BIOS of Brocade fibre channel host bus adapters“.
  • Prerequisites – “Requires Brocade version storport driver that can be obtained from the Service Pack for Proliant (SPP).”
  • Revisions / Enhancements
    – to resolve an issue when performing boot from san (bfs) with 3Par arrays.
    –  to resolve an HBA (Host Bus Adapter) disconnect issue seen on some configurations.
  • Supported OSes
  • Supported Devices
    – Vendor – 1657
    – Device – 0013

Areas that were a bit missing are:

  • Signature \ Fingerprint in terms of determining how to identify machines that have the software installed
  • Device Identification that might allow one to Identify\map the Hardware Device — This is useful in CMDB and also when one is looking for more KB over in the Internet (ie http://pcidatabase.com)


Here is my takeaway:  HP puts in a lot of work into documenting these patches.  They carefully note which OSes it can be installed on.  The underlying software version that has to be currently installed.  And, the problems that are being addressed are listed.


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